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“I feel free among my works, because I can be exposed personally without being revealed. I place in my work what is sometimes too difficult to bear; I instill pieces of my life and make them my allies. ”

Jean Uroz expresses himself with discretion and modesty. Artistic expression is his privileged means of communication and it is through his work that the artist communicates best. Art is the language that binds him to others allowing for those magical moments of exchanges where truth and pure emotions can be shared.

Fascinated by the beauty and richness of the human bond, Jean Uroz seeks to restore its full dimension

in his work, paying homage to it in particular through works he wants aesthetically appealing

and visually harmonious. This resolute, intentional and primordial quest for beauty constitutes the common thread of all his creation, both in his paintings as well as in his sculptures.

Beauty as a refuge

But behind formal beauty always hides a true story, a nagging pain often dating back to childhood. Refusing to indulge in negativity and self-pity, Jean Uroz exorcises it through harmony and finds comfort in balance. Based on his personal experience, he aims for a universal dimension.

Beyond the particular, find the deeper meaning.

Because his work speaks to us about Mankind - our shared emotions and our spirituality. 

A concern that the artist treats sometimes with gravity, sometimes with lightness.

Our experiences, our joys and our sufferings unite and bind us, beyond individual peculiarities and social classes. Art, which allows perceptions to be altered, also has the power to allow us to open up to others in mutual respect.

The universal as horizon

Drawing on a vast common repertoire of legends known to all, popular tales, universal myths or historical facts, Jean Uroz uses it to transmit a subtle message, playing poetically with the notions of identity, of belonging to a culture or place, individuality and community. Here too, behind the thematic borrowing from the field of storytelling, seen through the prism of the artist's experience or that of his relatives, hides the same intention of universality.

Long fascinated by Asia in general and traditional Japanese culture in particular, for his quest for calm and detachment from the world, Jean Uroz explored and expressed these themes in his series of work called "Once upon a time ...", which he developed over a period of seven years.

Currently, the artist is working on a personal reinterpretation of the Myth of Genesis.


A realistic and graphic work at the same time

Aesthetically, the work of Jean Uroz is resolutely realistic, but also graphic. As if the sketch and the real coexisted on the same level of the painting and in the same dimension. The colors chosen, in the manner of the Romantics, appear in pastel tones to finish their course in vivid and contrasting tones. This is to guide the viewer on a path where emotion is progressive, allowing the implicit to take place.

As for the process of creating: for the first phase, the drawing of the sketches, Jean Uroz uses charcoal and pencils, makes collages and often reorganizes all his ideas using  a specialized computer software.

In the production phase of his works, he uses multiple materials and the artist is extremely versatile, using acrylics on canvas most frequently. Oil painting is reserved for specific, long-term projects. For Jean, “Nowadays, acrylic is the best suited medium for the pace of the world we live in, where taking time is a luxury”.

As for his sculptures, he is not afraid to tackle stone, marble, but also wood and metal, the latter being his favorite medium, which he welds freehand.

Mobilized by his artistic and human concerns, Jean Uroz also turned to teaching, through workshops and artistic courses, which he gives in his studio for a varied and multiple audience, both in terms of skills as social horizons.

Holding a Paintbrush

“I feel free among my works, because I can be exposed personally without being revealed.
I place in my work what is sometimes too difficult to bear; I instill pieces of my life and

make them my allies. ”

Jean Uroz


Rouges-Terres 61

CH-2068 Hauterive/NE

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